Today I have the morning to work in projects two of which that seem most urgent are the festival site map, CAD vacuum cleaner and the plastic packaging object design.

The site map I would like to get a draft done this morning I think that once I start it will make a lot more sense. I have not done this kind of thing before but by following youtube totorials on how to warp an image to give it an isometric view I think this will be a lot more easier.

The Plastic (polypropaline) project has some issues as I do not know the size of the sheet that I will be using to print on. If my designs are too big then they will not work though I am hoping that I can get away with a simple few adjustments. I will need to have that file ready before I go away and possibly send it through on friday.

The CAD I have worked on heaps so I feel a lot more confident with that and can let that run in the background. I would like to finish it though but I may not have enough time.

Anyway, time to brush my teeth and get ready to head to the uni study space to get these projects started. As I have spent the morning setting up this blog webiste.