I am going to a camp grounds this weekend and thought it would be a good idea to bring along a cheap bike. The camp grounds are flat, and large. So it would be easy to get from one end to the other easily under the hot Australian sun out in the desert this weekend.  Also I have injured my foot while hiking last weekend, not having to walk everywhere will give my foot time to heal.

I found a mostly together bmx in hard rubbish, I tested it out and found that the only thing wrong with it is it would need a tire tube changed which only cost $5 from kmart.

I took it home along with a new tire and changed over the tire, pumped it up and gave the bike chain a once over with wd40. To change the tire I used a socket set that I had in the shed, it was a gift for my 21st but this was the first time I have used it as until this year I was not into fixing, repairing and making things.

I will disassemble the bike when I put it in my car as it will pack down nicely once the wheels have been removed.

I look forward to fixing up more things.