Here is a furniture piece that I made from old sofa cushions, red velvet, pine and aluminium poles.  It took many attemps to design, even longer to plan and aquire materials but only two days to make.  Below are photos of me making the piece in my backyard and photos of it being exhibited.

What I would do differently:

  • It is not the eaiest piece to pack away and move, I had to borrow a larger car to diliver it to the exhabition site and will have to borrow a car again to pick it up, I will at home make a smaller scaled down version that I can more easily transport.
  • I also want to make a small booklet to go with this project as I enjoyed the process of sketching designs.
  • Thirdly I would like to spend more time working on upholstering as this piece turned out rather messy. And I think if I gave the cushion a better backing it would have held better in place.