The other day while at an opp shop I found a watch. it looked like a wrist band with one button and when you pressed the button the watch face would light up with the time. the strap was to big but by observing it, it looked as though the band could be cut down to shape.

by google image searching “wrist watch one button light up”  I was able to find the same watch in a different colour scheme. This linked me to a youtube video where it showed that if I pressed the same button twice it would first show the time then show the date.

youtube video explaining how to use watch

I could not find who designed it originally but I found that for a few dollars one can be purchased from china online. Padgene was the company that a few websites had these watches listed with

Designer: unknown

Gender: Unisex

Style: Sport/Fashion

Age: Modern (2000-present)

Movement: LED Battery

band: silicon rubber

image source: