I have been asked in an assignment where I want to position myself as a designer. and here are the questions and answers I came up with.

What you are trying to convey/ promote

I am trying to convey that I can take on any project, I will research it thoroughly and create a range of ideas. I am trying to promote my ability to be inventive and unique. I am also trying to show my design process as I see a lot of refined finished works but I don’t always see the design process and that is what interest me, how did the idea grow and transform, what pitfalls where faced and what was the end result.

In what niche of the market do you want to become known? ( position you self)

I would like to be know as a design storyteller. To not only hand over a design, but to also give clients the story of how a came to that design and what was involved. I want people to ask why this was created and be able to find out that information.