maylaysia phone concept jpegFor the past few weeks I have been working on a collaborative concept project partnered with a university in Malaysia. The brief was to design a sustainable gift to give to dignitaries and an event, the gift must have elements of bamboo and rattan as these are elements common in Malaysia.

My partner – Muhamad suggested that we focus on the 2018 Commonwealth games in Queensland next year. and from that I have been working on product design ideas while Muhamad will work on the packaging.

Concept proposal: Gift ideas to give to dignitaries at the Commonwealth games in Queensland next year. Looking at what materials and colours could be used in the design, we already have to include both bamboo and rattan, though we can also include gold, silver and bronze to keep it inline with the Commonwealth games. Designing a phone with Rattan back cover and an app that lists events that are running, metal tally.