Today I have spend all of today refining a project that I had submitted last night. using photoshop and illustrator design programs. below are pdf’s that can be opened up and viewed.

malaysia phone app submission

malaysia phone bamboo submission


This projects was a collaboration between Swinburne University in Melbourne and UMK in Malaysia. The brief was to create a gift for dignitaries that is focused on either Australia or Malaysia. Aspect that were to be included, the product and packaging must contain bamboo and rattan and have a sustainable life.

The phone concept is based on a product that will be a high end unisex gift that will be gifted at the 2018 commonwealth games and have a useful life in Australia or Malaysia as it is compatible with both countries sim cards. The phone will be made from recycled and sustainable materials, the packaging will be made from mushroom which is easily biodegradable. The app is developed to keep track of events and metal tally during the game. This gift is unisex, will have a useful life as a phone after the games, the phone will be compatible with both Australian and Malaysian sim card.

Aspects of the design that were taken into consideration:

  • To be related to the 2018 gold coast commonwealth game where it will be presented to a dignitary
  • To have a useful life after the games
  • To be unisex so it can be presented for both male and female dignitaries
  • Can be used in Australia and Malaysia
  • Made from Biodegradable and recycled materials, including bamboo and rattan

The phone:

Mushroom battery instead of the current graphite that is used in lithium ion batteries and need harmful chemicals to use. Whereas, the mushroom as it ages and becomes more porus it will increase the battery life. (

The packaging:

Mushroom box with a rattan band holding it together and a bamboo card, and recycled leaflet detailing the elements of how it was made. ( Mushroom packaging that is less harmful on the environment.