Today I have start my new job title “To find a job”. I first came across this notion when I was looking for work a few years back. To treat job hunting like full time work, and today I start that. What will it entail? 5 days a week from 8.30 until 2pm, pack a lunch, head off to a work location. In this case I chose my university library, as I have access to it and it has all the resources to help me find a job. Set up at a computer with programs to prepare my portfolio. And a few design books to get ideas.

Gantt chart first month

Task Week 1&2 Week 3& 4 Week 5&6
Prepare portfolio

–          Research layout ideas

–          Create mock up design

–          Detail page 1 spread

–          Detail page 2 spread

–          Detail page 3 spread

–          Detail page 4 spread


–          Email portfolio to Eggbox, Swinburne teachers, Facebook network, linked in

–          Collect a list of design businesses in Melbourne. Alter portfolio to suit businesses.

–          Get involved in groups, forums, spaces where I can start a conversation with people in the industry face to face      


I assume that it will take a while the usual job searching time is 3 months. And it is currently the xmas period where most businesses will be winding down or going on holidays so this will give me time to update my portfolio.