I stumbled across this while on YouTube and looked into it it is interesting how objects can affect our perception of people. The study was based in on a thing called the room effect where a person photographed in different rooms effect our perception about them. Below is the abstract and conclusion from the thesis. And the original youtube video I saw about the PHD study.

” The research in this paper tested the product effect, a method that investigates
how consumers perceive a person’s appearance and character traits based on
the symbolic values of the products they own.
The method was based on the room effect, a method used in environmental
psychology to study how the context of different rooms affects an observer’s
perception of an occupant’s personality. Adapting the method to study how the
symbolic values of products affect perceptions of personality, this study showed
photographs of a male and female model with two differently designed bottled
water packages. The photographs and a set of semantic differential scale
questions about the model’s personality were shown in a paper-based pilot
questionnaire and two online questionnaires administered through the
Swinburne University website.” page i, from the abstract of the thesis.

“The results indicate that a product effect exists, although it is by no means a
simple effect. It seems to be influenced, among other things, by nationality of
respondents, and the age and gender of the person being judged. However,
the detection of a bottle effect, despite these other influential factors, indicates
that the method is effective for examining the effects of bottled water packaging
on person perception. If something as innocuous as a bottle can elicit changes
in perceptions of personality, detecting the effects of other products is plausible.” page 287 from the conclusion of the thesis.

Marnie Crook Thesis