update: Project get a job

I am working on a very exciting project, I have a field that I want to work in and the prospect of being surrounded by inovation and design sounds very appealing. So I am dedicating my summer to this little project of mine.

I have done some research on companies here in Melbourne and from that I have gone from not knowing where to go to having a list of possible companies to approach. I found this inforamtion by searching competitions won and from that i found websites and blogs. currently reading up on what is going on in melbourne so I have a better idea what they design companies are heading. which will be useful.

I am just starting out and want to cover all my bases when it comes to presenting myself.  I enjoy having a blog. but also see that I need to have a simple online cv, that not only shows my work but is presented in a way that is both unique to me and sophisticated. So for that I will use the lime green in the design, have a slideshow of my work. and scroll down for about, projects.

Typeface research. This is something I have been told when submitting assignments at uni to focus on and spend more time picking better fonts. So I been doing just that, understanding how to make them more appealing, which fonts to use, how best to adjust sizes, kerning.  helpful.

To do all this requres, money, time and a good support network. The cost of the website… which i am kicking myself for calling it tbrewsterdesigns.blog… where now I know it would be neater if it was called travisbrewsterdesign.com. but it is all learning and may not be a big deal in the end.

Money as I  will need to fund my resarch slash job hunting time. so I have put some money aside to keep me alive while I do that.

And lastly I good support network makes a big difference, it helps when the people around you want you to sucessed. I have a place to stay, food, people willing to look over my cv and cretique my portfolio. All these things are helpful.